Crossroads School

Crossroads School
‚ÄčOn February 7th and 8th, clinical psychologist and certified Miller Method Specialist, Dr. Paul Callahan, PSYD, visited Crossroads School, a school for students on the Autism Spectrum between the ages 3 through 14. The purpose of the longtime consultant’s visit was to observe group lessons in each of the classrooms and develop individualized team-based plans to improve social learning for students.

Most outside literature and research regarding educating children with ASD concerns inclusion and one to one instruction. Additionally, Crossroads School aims to develop a sense of independence, an ability to problem-solve and develop social awareness skills in their learners. This Professional Development opportunity for Crossroads School staff focused on making social learning more meaningful for groups of varied learners, with a variety of ability in their level of social awareness.

Having more than 28 years of experience in the field of Clinical Psychology, Dr. Callahan was well prepared to partner with the educators of Crossroads School to establish developmentally appropriate strategies and expectations to strengthen social learning for students.

For further information about Crossroads School, please contact Reed Leibfried, Principal, at (908) 232-6655 Ext. 7154.

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