Hillcrest Academy North

Hillcrest Academy North

On Friday, January 25th, Hillcrest Academy North held their 3rd Annual Career Day. In a small group setting, professionals from ten different careers introduced students to their field of work and then provided opportunities for a question and answer session. The speakers shared information about the educational requirements, "a day in the life", and pros and cons about careers including law enforcement, financial analysis, occupational therapy and the military.

Our students asked thoughtful questions and were actively engaged throughout the day. Ciara H., a junior at Hillcrest Academy North, stated, “My favorite profession was the labor and delivery nurse because that is a career I would be interested in. I would like to encourage women in delivering their babies”. Another student, Omar A. said, “I feel so reassured about the different types of careers and how it interests different types of people.”

At the completion of Career Day all students wrote a reflection on the career that interested them most and how they can enter the field. We are already looking forward to career day for next year!

For further information about Hillcrest Academy North, please contact John Marquet, Principal, at (908) 233-9366 Ext. 11. 

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