Lamberts Mill Academy

Overcoming Obstacles

Students from Lamberts Mill Academy had the opportunity to celebrate their skills using teamwork to create a school climate where students rise up against BULLYING through social/emotional obstacles. Thanks to the organization “Child’s Play Challenge Courses” created by Matthew Borawski, the obstacle course came to Lamberts Mill Academy and provided an event for our students to participate in which lead to eSTEAM building. The students learned to lean on each other to overcome the obstacles in life through discussion and sharing positive praise with one another. The students competed and even shared strategies with Hillcrest Academy South as well as with Westlake School. ALL of the students did a great job sharing and competing in a healthy atmosphere. Along with building friendships the students were engaged in learning how to build the obstacle course using Math and Science. 

For further information about Lamberts Mill Academy, please contact Jason Jusino, Principal, at (908) 233-7581 Ext. 452.  

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