Non-Public Services


The Nonpublic teaching staff participated in a motivational workshop lead by Lady Palm Tree, aka Tracy Monari (pictured above). This motivational presentation was an opportunity to inspire her Nonpublic colleagues to think outside of the box, become more creative, and take chances all in an effort to help promote student engagement.

Mrs. Monari, dressed in full pirate attire, presented the book titled, 
Teach Like A Pirate, by David BurgessShe led her fellow colleagues in an uplifting personal journey of her experiences in becoming a pirate. The acronym PIRATE is an abbreviation of the words Passion, Immersion, Rapport, Ask and Analyze, Transformation, Enthusiasm.

For further information about Non-Public Services, please contact Paul Palozzola, Director of Non-Public Services, at (908) 233-9317 Ext. 228.

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