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Work Readiness Academy

On Wednesday, May 30, 2018 a representative group of students from UCESC’s Work Readiness Academy (WRA) participated in the Dare to Dream Student Leadership Conference at Montclair State University. The conference was sponsored by the New Jersey Department of Education’s Office of Special Education and featured keynote presentations from students and young adults with disabilities from districts across New Jersey who have demonstrated exemplary self-advocacy and leadership skills. Additionally, students were given the opportunity to attend a variety of workshops that provided participants insight into the transition process from school to adult life, and to learn strategies to promote success in post-graduation experiences.
Students from the WRA led a breakout workshop to an assigned group of peers from two other participating school districts entitled StressBusters:  Coping Strategies for Dealing with Everyday Stressors at Work. Under the guide of Ms. Purdy, WRA School Social Worker and Ms. Kari Miller, WRA Paraprofessional, students developed this concept into an interactive workshop/presentation format which they practiced several times prior to presenting at the Conference. While presenting they interacted with their audience via questions and answerings pertaining to stressful situations at work and shared coping strategies they learned during the school year in their Skills Group, in the classroom and at their worksites. They also included a category of “Additional” everyday stressors and shared coping strategies learned. 
WRA students helped their peers participate in the PowerPoint presentation by incorporating props such as a Hoberman Sphere for proper breathing, stress balls and fidget spinners. The students ended the presentation with a group session of “Chair Yoga” that was demonstrated and led by a WRA student. The day was a mutually enriching experience for all.

If your school district is interested in learning more about how to partner with UCESC's Transition Services Department, please contact Josh Bornstein, Director of Special Projects at or (908) 233-9317, Ext. 246.

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