Westlake School

Westlake School

We are proud to announce that the Westlake School Décor Dream Shop has established a community partnership with the gift shop at Overlook Medical Center.

In December, Ms. Yoomi Shaw and her students were invited to sell their holiday and inspirational signs at the Overlook Medical Center Holiday Boutique sale. The students’ signs were a big hit at the boutique. As a result of the high level of interest, Overlook Medical Center offered to continue to sell the students’ signs in their gift shop. 

Congratulations to all the students for your success in selling your beautiful signs. Much thanks also goes to Overlook Medical Center for their continued support.

"Custom ordered” decorative signs are available for purchase by ordering at 908-232-4181 or yshaw@ucesc.org.

For further information about Westlake School, please contact Claudine Tantillo, Principal, at
(908) 232-4181 Ext. 405.  


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