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Welcome to Westlake School!  We are a public school specializing in serving classified students from ages 7 to 21 that have multiple disabilities including cognitive impairments, physical disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, visual impairments, hearing impairments, learning disabilities, communication impairments, other health impairments, and traumatic brain injuries.  We are a special needs school that prides ourselves providing opportunities for students to create connections between school and everyday life through hands on academics, vocational and transitional skills, social/emotional coping skills and behavioral intervention strategies.  We aim to provide needed services in a barrier free setting which include all related services: Traditional Speech, Augmentative Communication, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Counseling.

As part of our academic program, students learn traditional academics and daily life skills through hands on activities and subject based functional academic curriculum. Academics are embedded throughout the school day and generalized into our community based instruction model for success.

Our Comprehensive High School Transition and Work Readiness Program supports students with nine in-house workshops designed to build on a student’s vocational successes and interests while expanding and encouraging the development of new abilities.  Students transfer their vocational skills in creating products, learning to increase time on task, reinforce social skills and apply money handling skills through exposure and experience.

Our Job Academy experience provides an additional vocational component centered on high interest, structured learning experiences intended to immerse students in job exploration within a community setting.

Westlake School’s mission is to provide support, guidance and direction for each student to achieve their greatest level of independence in order for students to have the requisite skills needed for their success upon graduation.

Ms. Claudine Tantillo, Principal
Mr. Robert Peneno, Supervisor of Instruction

Commission News

Welcome Dave Young
Sensory Integration Therapy at Westlake School
Specialized therapy equipment helps students improve sensory processing skills.
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LMA Students Learn to "Think First" About Safety
A representative from Think First NJ, an injury prevention program sponsored by Kessler Institute of Rehabilitation, met with LMA students on October 6, 2016 to discuss positive choices as part of the “Week of Respect”.
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Project Search
Project SEARCH Program Begins at Overlook Hospital
Overlook Medical Center in Summit is hosting nine high school students with significant disabilities as part of UCESC's innovative high school transition program.
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HIB Information

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Mr. John Marquet

Westlake School Anti-Bullying Specialist

Ms. Phyllis Sandrock

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