Principal's Page

Mr. Jason Jusino, Principal
908 233-7581   

Lambert's Mill Academy is an educational beacon of Union County for students to engage in a rigorous academic and psycho-therapeutic learning environment. This is evident through the hard work, dedication, and partnerships that have existed between school staff, parents/guardians, community members, and the most important stakeholders in the equation, the student body.

As the Principal, I look forward to working with you in serving our students. I bring to Lamberts Mill Academy my 22 years of instructional leadership, behavioral approaches, vocational/career building skills, social emotional learning with character development, and a network of educational opportunities. I launched my career in education as a para-professional and commenced learning many instructional strategies from seasoned veteran educators. When I was awarded the title of Teacher I worked tirelessly over the years to perfect and successfully apply instructional strategies to improve student achievement. I then began advancing my instructional position through various leadership roles in education to gain the knowledge and experience to eventually become Supervisor of Special Education/Vice Principal and Acting Principal. This allowed me to gain opportunities and improve instructional strategies for students on all intellectual and emotional levels from Pre-K, Primary, Middle, High School, and 18-21 year old students transitioning into college and career readiness.


I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to be a member of the Lambert's Mill Academy school community. I am aware of the high expectations as well as the synergistic competence of our talented staff. It is my intent to continue the tradition of excellence as we advance with our instructional approach that will serve to shine a light on the excellence found at Lambert's Mill Academy.


As the instructional leader of Lambert's Mill Academy, I embrace the task to collaboratively ensure our school will galvanize the symbiotic relationship of instructional strategies and psycho-therapeutic approaches to the most optimal educational experiences for our students. I appreciate your feedback and look forward to the exchange of ideas as we collectively explore innovative strategies that will allow Lambert's Mill Academy to evolve into an even greater learning experience for the future leaders of our communities.