Staff Evaluation


Union County Educational Services Commission recognizes that teacher effectiveness has a profound impact on student achievement. We strive to implement an evaluation process that fosters self-reflection and collaboration; acknowledges exceptional instructional practices and provides meaningful constructive feedback needed for teachers to learn and grow professionally. 

AchieveNJ Annual Update - September 2018

UCESC Staff Evaluation Manual

Teaching Staff Evaluation Manual 2018-2019

Staff Evaluation Manual - Forms

1. Pre-Observation Planning Form
2. Post-Observation Reflection Form 
3. Observation Cover Page
4. Administrator Co-Observation Form
5. Student Growth Objective - NJDOE Form
6. Student Growth Objective - Target Data Form
7. Student Growth Objective - Student Assessment Rubric
8. Student Growth Objective - Student Progress Tracker
9. Summative Evaluation Reflection Form
10. Summative Evaluation Cover Page
11. Professional Development Hour Log - 2018-2019
12. Professional Development Plan - 2018-2019
13. Corrective Action Plan - 2018-19

Staff Evaluation Manual - Appendices

Appendix A - NJDOE AchieveNJ Resource Guide
Appendix B - NJDOE SGO Guidebook
Appendix C - NJDOE SGO Quick Start Guide
Appendix D - Danielson Framework for Teaching (2013)
Appendix E - Danielson Domain 1-3 Scoring Rubrics
Appendix F - 
SGO Midpoint Review
SGO Exemplars

NJDOE AchieveNJ Resources

NJDOE AchieveNJ Homepage
NJ Professional Standards for Teachers
NJ Standards for Professional Learning

OASYS Resources 

OASYS - Account Login

OASYS Procedures - Observation 1 - Administrators
OASYS Procedures - Observation 1 - Teachers
OASYS Procedures - SGOs - Administrators
OASYS Procedures - SGOs - Teachers
OASYS Procedures - Summative Evaluations - Administrators
OASYS Procedures - Summative Evaluations - Teachers