Hillcrest Academy North

Hillcrest Academy North

Hillcrest Academy North is highlighting social emotional learning in all aspects of school this year. As part of this focus, students are creating a Student Development Plan (SDP) which will be reviewed and modified throughout the year. Each of our 96 students will participate in a meeting with Mr. Marquet, Principal, Mrs. Goldenberg, Social Worker, and the student’s assigned advocate teacher. In the meetings, the student identifies one school wide goal and one social emotional learning goal. The students can focus on attendance, grades or future planning. Choices relating to social emotional learning include, conflict resolution, stress management, emotional regulation and substance abuse awareness.

Once the student identifies their goals, meaningful discussions ensue around strategic ways to achieve positive outcomes. The Hillcrest Academy North staff report that students are off to a great start. The students are actively participating in a process that will help them develop strategies leading to success. Students are more engaged and as student Catherine B. said, “It helps us set goals and focus for the year.” 

For further information about Hillcrest Academy North, please contact John Marquet, Principal, at (908) 233-9366 Ext. 11. 


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