Lamberts Mill Academy

Lamberts Mill Academy

May is Mental Health Awareness month and Lamberts Mill Academy staff and students have been working hard to raise awareness and promote healthy living. Those with mental health conditions are at an increased risk to suffer from bullying, rejection and possibly even discrimination. LMA staff and students have been engaging in many activities this month to increase awareness about mental health and decrease the stigma associated with it. During the week of May 20th, students designed banners, posters and other creative responses which were presented to the school in support of #BreaktheStigma.

Fayla, Inc., a non-profit organization striving to break the stigma of mental health, will be teaming up with Usborne Books for Mental Health Awareness month. Fayla has selected Lamberts Mill Academy as their beneficiary and will be donating interactive self-help and reflection books to our school. If you are interested in donating to this very worthwhile cause please visit:

For further information about Lamberts Mill Academy, please contact Pablo Samuel, Principal, at (908) 233-7581 Ext. 452.  


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