Lamberts Mill Academy

Lamberts Mill Academy

Lamberts Mill Academy is a specialized middle and high school designed for students with special needs who require a comprehensive therapeutic approach while receiving a rigorous course of study. LMA prides themselves on their project based learning approach to academics. Hands on learning always takes center stage in Mr. Lopreiato’s math classes. Whether it is using math to build the Lamberts Mill Garden or the ADL room at Westlake, or repair a car engine, students are sure to be engaged in a practical application of math skills. On this day, his students were working in teams to build the tallest freestanding structure using straws. Not only were they required to utilize mathematics practices, but they had to work together in order to succeed. What a great example of using Social Emotional Learning strategies with the math curriculum!

For further information about Lamberts Mill Academy, please contact Pablo Samuel, Principal, at (908) 233-7581 Ext. 452.  


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