Westlake School

Westlake School

On May 3rd, Westlake School held its 12th annual prom. The Westlake prom is an extremely special event. The students and their families look forward to the prom all year. Westlake alumni return to celebrate with current students, and everyone enjoys the great dancing, food and exciting party! This year, the theme was "Under the Sea." The event was a huge success, due in large part to the generous donation and volunteer contributions of Goldman Sachs. Thanks to their donation, the prom committee was able to purchase new decorations which the Goldman Sachs volunteers, along with students and staff, helped to make. The enthusiasm and hard work of the school staff and the volunteers was evident on the night of the prom. We look forward to many future Westlake proms!
For further information about Westlake School, please contact Claudine Tantillo, Principal, at (908) 232-4181 Ext. 405.  


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