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Westlake School

For the past ten years, students in Mrs. Palmer’s class have been making breads and candies to sell at the Wagner Farm Arboretum. On October 23rd, the students went to the farm and delivered 25 breads, 30 pretzels and 30 pops for the last weekend of the Farms Bright Lites event. The students also spent time at the farm and were delighted to see the jack-o-lanterns carved in many beautiful scenes throughout the area. 

Breads and candies had been delivered to the farm every week for the month of October. In total, the students sold 67 breads, 103 pretzels and 117 candy pops on recycled paper pads, also made by the students. The students donated 25% of their profits to the farm to help them maintain their garden for children with special needs and to support the summer food bank.  
The class is now getting ready for the Holiday Boutique the farm holds during December. Our partnership with the farm has been beneficial to both the students and the Wagner Farm Arboretum. We are very grateful to Wagner Farm Arboretum for their continued support and commitment to our students. 

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