Can Do Cafe

On May 21, 2014, the Union County Educational Services Commission (UCESC) opened a new retail cafe' and work readiness training site located inside the main lobby of First Children School at 330 South Avenue in Fanwood, NJ. This project was created out of a partnership between UCESC (a public, school district located in Westfield) and First Children Schools (an approved private school serving children with serious medical, cognitive and behavioral conditions), two organizations involved in servicing school-age children with special needs.

The goal of this project was to help students with disabilities, ages 16 to 21, learn and practice work skills that will increase their chances of landing paid employment after graduation. The cafe' is a real, but controlled training work-site for students from UCESC's special education school programs. Students are exposed to the tasks and duties necessary to operate a small food services business including brewing and serving coffee, interacting with customers, using a state of the art "point of sale" iPad cash register, tracking inventory, and performing general maintenance and cleaning tasks.

In the workplace it’s what you CAN do that matters!

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