WPO - Westlake Parent Organization

Our Parent Association is Nonprofit Organization that is made up of volunteer parent, children, and staff coming together.

Out goal is to enhance the education experience by supporting the students and teaching staff through fund raising efforts to provide additional equipment, and special projects. Additionally, we plan to develop a strong community within out school.

When parents, children, and staff pull together it is evident that the school environment is better academically, and socially. 

A meeting will be held monthly to discuss current, and upcoming events. We encourage all parents and staff to attend the monthly meetings. 

Westlake School Parent Organization Forms

Please visit the here to view the Westlake School Parent Organization Forms.
This can also be done by going to the following page: 

Upcoming WPO Events

Westlake Movie Night - January 11, 2019
Applebee's Pancake Breakfast - April 7, 2019
Bowling Event - May 5, 2019
Clothing Drive - May 11, 2019

Westlake School Parent Organization
 Executive Board Members

Pam Avedian    spavedian@verizon.net
Sue Dunietz       iroon@att.net